Welcome!  If you are a business that has anything to do with the food industry and are looking for services related to creating/improving your website copy, SEO, autoresponders, conversion rates or social media campaigns, you’ve come to the right place.

My specialty is food and food only.  Whether you are a specialty food producer/marketer, organic food grower, restauranteur, wholesaler or anything in between, I can help you develop your brand, improve conversion rates and increase your market share.  I choose this niche because of my love and interest in anything food.  Why work with someone who doesn’t love and intimately know the industry they are serving? The end results will show.

If you are still reading then you are in the food business.  Let me now explain the benefits of using my services.  Competition in the food industry, as in most industries, is stiff.  You need somebody to first listen and understand your products and market.  We will dig deep together to understand how your product(s) stand out from the competition and how to transform that to all marketing avenues you want to pursue; print, interactive and social media.  I work to understand and develop your unique sales funnel and plug as many holes as possible.  I never use a cookie cutter approach!

When you partner with klscopywriting, you get more than on-spot, deadline meeting copy.

  • Cost savings:  Low profit margins?  Sales down? Just starting up?  Budget cuts? Klscopywriting is a bargain.  You pay only for copy; no agency mark-ups.  The nice thing about working with a virtual professional is scalability.  I am highly scalable to your budget and needs which includes project managing the web development and graphic design aspects as well.
  • Liberation: Chained to your desk or no time for marketing stuff?  Stressed-out juggling customers, boss, staff, personal life? Let klscopywriting develop your copy and manage your project—you get your life back.
  • Photographic Services:  In most situations, a picture can help immensely when marketing food products.  This is especially true when it comes to specialty and gourmet foods.  Because my other love is photography, I can provide images that help your customer envision just how wonderful your product would taste.   Click on the “Food Photography” page for more information on how I can make the magic of photography help sell.
  • Kudos to you; Klscopywriting does the work – you get the credit.  Satisfy the boss (who may be you), and any other marketing/sales stakeholders (which is really every employee when you think about it) with copy delivered on time without breaking the bank.  Copy that will help increase market share and conversion rates.  Who won’t notice that?
  • Long-term Relations:  Nothing is more important than delivering copy and project results that keep you coming back.  We all know how much easier is to have repeat business than find new clients not to mention the importance of referrals.  My success is dependent on yours.

So again welcome.  Please look around and find out more about me personally and the services I offer.  If you think there is a potential fit, please click here and let me know a bit about your company and project.  I will get back to you promptly.